Where does this door go?

Icelandic Blue


December.2017 - Vik, Iceland

As a person luckily enough to live in Norway, I got a chance to visit Iceland. With 2 good friends of mine from the UK who happened to be visiting Iceland at the same time, headed to the south coast of Iceland. Took us almost 2-3 hours to get this place and took even ekstra time to reach the destination point where this photo was actually photographed. Despite stormy day with strong winds and blizzard, managed to reach the spot where that famous Sólheimasandur plane crash is laying, and then headed further down to the black beach which is not far from there. As arrived, the wind got even stronger towards us and it almost blew us off, but the view from the small dune was peaceful and breathtaking with the sound of foamy faves, and somehow made us feel calm, and it reminded me of olden days growing up in my favourite weather in my hometown.

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